Student Employment

The amount a student should anticipate contributing financially from term-time employment. The standard minimum amounts for the 2017–2018 school year are:

2017–2018 Student Employment
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
$2,850 $3,350 $3,350 $3,350

Earnings from a term-time job are paid directly to the student, and nearly all students use these earnings to cover Indirect Costs such as books and personal expenses. Students work on campus an average of eight to twelve hours a week during the academic year to fulfill their Student Employment expectation. For more information on student jobs, visit the Student Employment website.

Outside merit scholarships can replace some or all of a student’s expected term-time earnings. Students who choose not to work on campus may also take out loans to fulfill their Student Employment expectation. For more information, see Scholarships and Grants and Loan Options under Types of Aid and Other Financial Resources.

Part of the Expected Family Contribution and of Student Effort.