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HEERF II appeals process now open

Those students who did not receive a HEERF II grant in the first round may now appeal that decision. Students must have been enrolled in at least one semester in the 2020–2021 academic year, have received some form of financial aid (scholarship, grant, loan, or job) in the 2020–2021 academic year, and must have COVID-19 related expenses that were not covered by other forms of financial aid.

In order to start the appeals process, students need to contact their school’s financial aid office. The student’s financial aid officer will determine if they are eligible to appeal and will enable them to complete the online appeals application.

Final eligibility determinations will be made by the HEERF Working Group. Appeals will be reviewed in the order they are received. HEERF II appeal funds are limited, and completing an application for an appeal does not guarantee the receipt of funding. The deadline for submitting an appeal is July 22, 2021.

See what Yale's financial aid means for your family

Yale awards all undergraduate financial aid on the basis of financial need, with the goal of making a Yale education affordable for everyone. The resources on this site and the staff at the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid can help you turn your dream of a Yale education into a reality.

Yale offers two tools for estimating what a Yale undergraduate education would cost after accounting for financial aid. The Quick Cost Estimator provides a ballpark estimate based on six simple questions. The Net Price Calculator provides a more detailed estimate, using more information about your family's finances.

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While the staff of the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office are currently working remotely, newly admitted and current undergraduate students may still schedule an appointment for a virtual meeting. Please visit our Contact Information page for details and a scheduling link.