Summer Students

Funding options for summer students

The Yale Financial Aid Office does not provide institutional scholarship aid for summer study. However, undergraduates may qualify for need-based aid from other Yale sources, as listed below. Summer students may also use outside scholarships specifically awarded for summer study; they may not use scholarship funds awarded for the academic year.

Yale Summer​ Session

The Undergraduate Financial Aid Office does not award Yale Scholarship aid for courses offered through Yale Summer Session (YSS). However, the office does process Summer Pell Grants for students who qualify. For more information on the Summer Pell Grant, please see the Summer Pell FAQ's.

Yale Summer Session offers financial assistance to Yale College students who receive financial aid during the academic year. For more information, please visit the Yale Summer Session website.

Students enrolled in Yale Summer Session may be eligible for a variety of student loans. More information is available on the YSS website. Yale College students may apply for certain types of summer loans through Undergraduate Financial Aid. Information is available in the 2020 Summer Session Q&A.

For a comprehensive list of tuition costs for YSS courses, please see the YSS website.

International Summer Award program

Yale freshmen, sophomores, and juniors receiving financial aid may participate in the International Summer Award (ISA) program. The ISA provides funding for one summer of international experience for undergraduates who received Yale Scholarship funds during the term preceding their international travel. Eligible students receive a grant to help pay a portion of program costs; the grant is proportional to a student's Demonstrated Financial Need.

For more information on the International Summer Award, including eligibility requirements and application instructions, visit the ISA website. You can search for study abroad programs that meet ISA requirements on the Yale Study Abroad website. Information on internships that qualify for the ISA is available on the Office of Career Strategy website.