Paying Your Bill

Yale communicates monthly financial account statements using its online system for billing and payment, Yale University eBill-ePay. The University does not mail paper bills. E-mail notifications that the account statement is available in eBill-ePay are sent to all students at their official Yale e-mail addresses and to all student-designated authorized payers. The fall-term bill becomes available in July and is due by August 1. The spring-term bill becomes available in October and is due by November 1.

Please note that your financial aid award letter is not a bill.

The term bill includes only fixed expenses (direct costs). It does not include incidental expenses such as books, personal expenses, or travel expenses (indirect costs). Your budget for financial aid includes both fixed and incidental expenses to help you account for the full cost of attendance for one academic year. It is worth noting that students incur a majority of their incidental expenses at the beginning of the term.

Payment options

The University offers a variety of payment options, including the Yale Payment Plan, but Yale does not accept credit card payments. For more information on payment options, please visit the Student Accounts website.