Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage

An option offered by Yale Health for meeting the University's requirement that students have medical insurance for hospitalization and specialty care. The plan provides coverage for all approved hospitalization and specialty care services, as well as for prescriptions.

Students are automatically enrolled in and will be billed for Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage. If you already have valid and sufficient coverage, you may waive Yale Health specialty coverage by submitting an online waiver form by September 15 (full year and fall term) or by January 31 (spring term only). After the waiver has been processed and approved, the insurance premium charge will be removed from your bill.

Please note: If you are an enrolled student attending Yale at least half time and working toward a Yale degree, the University provides you with primary care services at the Yale Health Center at no charge, even if you waive Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage.

For more information, visit the Yale Health website.