Renewing Your Award

U.S. citizens and permanent residents

U.S. citizens and permanent residents must reapply for financial aid each year. For those students, each family's financial need is reevaluated annually through careful review of the most recent financial information.

  • Families can submit their aid applications for the following year as early as October of the current year. Award notifications are sent on a rolling basis beginning in late February.
  • We encourage students to check their requirements in the Yale Hub regularly to ensure that their applications are complete. The Financial Aid Office may add new requirements if we find during processing that documents are missing or additional information is needed.

For more detailed information on required forms, accompanying documentation, and deadlines, see Continuing Students under Applying For Aid.

International citizens (including Canadians)

International citizens, including Canadians, are NOT required to apply for aid again after their first year. The Parent Share of the Expected Family Contribution automatically remains the same for all four years unless it is based on the enrollment of siblings in college. If college costs for a sibling were included in determining an initial award, the Parent Share will be adjusted accordingly when the sibling graduates.

Students whose families experience significant changes in financial circumstances may submit a new complete financial aid application. We will then reevaluate the student's financial aid eligibility and make changes to the Parent Share when appropriate. For detailed information on forms, documentation, and deadlines for a new financial aid evaluation after the first year, see Continuing Students under Applying For Aid.