Requesting a Review

After reading your financial aid award letter, we hope that you feel confident about your family’s ability to afford a Yale education. You may, however, feel that the amounts listed on the award letter do not accurately reflect your family’s financial need and ability to contribute. In these situations, you may request a review of your financial aid award. It is preferred that submissions be made after the original financial aid decision has been provided.

Typically, awards can be reviewed if your family’s financial situation has changed significantly since you applied for aid, or if there is additional information that was not included on your original application. In order for us to adjust your financial aid award, you must demonstrate how the information might affect your family’s ability to contribute toward your educational costs.

Circumstances for which a review may be appropriate:

  • Extended unemployment
  • Changes in family size or number of siblings in college
  • Extraordinary uninsured medical expenses

Please see the Request for Review of Financial Aid form for additional circumstances that may make a review appropriate.

The review process

In order to request a review of your financial aid award, please take the following steps:

  • Complete the Request for Review of Financial Aid form. Submit the form using one of the methods listed in the form’s header.
  • Attach to the review request form a personal statement explaining the circumstances on which your review request is based. Please note that quantifiable information should be provided for any financial-related review.
  • Collect any applicable documents to help explain or verify your situation. Mark on the review request form which documents you are including and submit them with the form and personal statement.

Requests are submitted to the Financial Aid Committee. You can expect to receive notification within a few working days either with a result or a request for additional information. Some cases may take longer because they require a full hearing from the Committee.

If your request is approved, a revised financial aid award letter will be provided to you.

If you have questions as you are putting together your review request, you may call our office or contact us on line. We would be happy to guide you through the review process.

Submission deadlines

  Term Submission Deadline Notification
Prospective Students (Early Action) full year   Before May 1

Prospective Students (Regular Decision)

full year   Before May 1
Continuing Students* full year before Nov. 10 After August 1
Continuing Students* spring term only before March 1  

*Evaluations for continuing students do not begin until after August 1. In order to avoid any late charges to your student account, you should make appropriate arrangements to meet the August 1 fall billing due date based on your original financial aid decision.

Future awards

Financial aid applications are evaluated on an annual basis. Depending on the circumstances, we may consider carrying any adjustments into future years. However, some circumstances are considered one-time only and will not carry forward.