Yale Student Loan

A student loan for those with financial need who do not qualify for U.S. federal or Canadian student loans. This loan requires a cosigner who is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. The cosigner residency requirements may be waived under certain circumstances. View the Truth in Lending disclosure for Yale Student Loans.


Available to international students and students not otherwise eligible for Federal Direct Subsidized loans or Unsubsidized loans, Perkins loans, or Canada Student Loans

Interest rate: 


Loan fees: 


Loan limits: 

Because the Yale Student Loan is based on financial need, the annual amount is limited to the amount of the student’s Student Employment amount less outside scholarships, other need-based loans, and term-time earnings. In addition, students may borrow no more than $5,000 per year in Yale Student Loans.

Interest accrual: 

Students are responsible for interest payments on the loan while in school. A student may pay the interest monthly while still in school or may capitalize the interest by allowing it to accrue and adding it to the principal when the loan goes into repayment.


Six month grace period; maximum 10 years
The standard repayment term is 120 months with a minimum monthly payment of $50.

Application procedure: 

Contact Student Financial Services by calling or visiting our office or by using our Contact Us form.