Noncustodial Parent Tax Nonfiling Statement

Date due for Early Action: November 9, 2018

Date due for Regular Decision: March 1, 2019

Date due for Transfer students: May 1, 2019

Date due for Eli Whitney students: to be announced

Date due for continuing students: 

Application file completed by Notification of award
April 5, 2019 1st week of June
May 3, 2019 prior to July 1


U.S. citizens and permanent residents who did not file a 2017 federal tax return must submit a Tax Nonfiling Statement with the financial aid application. If your parents are divorced, separated, or never married, your noncustodial parent should submit this form if she/he did not file a tax return.

Instructions for U.S. citizens and permanent residents: 

If your noncustodial parent worked during the tax year, you must attach her/his W2 form(s) to the tax nonfiling statement. When completing this form, do not leave blanks. If the answer is zero, write “0.”

Upload the form using the Online Document Upload Tool, or fax or mail it to Undergraduate Financial Aid using the information in the form’s header.

Student type: 
Prospective students, Early Action, Regular Decision, New students, Continuing students, Eli Whitney students
Student citizenship: 
U.S. citizens