Request for Review of Financial Aid Award

Date due: November 9, 2020


If your family’s financial situation changes significantly after your application for financial aid is processed, you or your parent(s) may request a review of your financial aid award.

Examples of situations that we review include extended unemployment, extraordinary medical expenses, and changes in family size or sibling educational costs. Also, if there is additional information that you did not indicate in the application process that you would like us to consider, you can include it in this review request. Use this form only if you find that the total financial aid offered you, including scholarship and the loan/job eligibility, is insufficient to assist you in covering your educational costs.


In order for us to adjust your financial aid award, you must demonstrate how the information in the Request for Review form might affect your family’s ability to contribute toward your educational costs. When you submit the form, you must also attach any applicable documentation that substantiates and explains the circumstances that you are presenting. 

Upload the form using the Online Document Upload Tool, or fax or mail it to Undergraduate Financial Aid using the information in the form’s header.

If you are unsure of how to complete the form, contact us on line or call (203) 432-2700.

We will begin evaluation of continuing students’ review requests after August 1. This means that in order to avoid any late charges to their student account, continuing students should make appropriate arrangements to meet the August 1 fall billing due date based on their original financial aid decision.

Student type: 
All undergraduate students
Student citizenship: 
U.S. citizens, Canadian citizens, International citizens (non-Canadian)