Signed Tax Returns of Parents and Students

Date due for Early Action: November 18, 2020

Date due for Regular Decision: March 3, 2021

Date due for Transfer students: April 30, 2021

Date due for Eli Whitney students: April 30, 2021

Date due for continuing students: 

Priority deadline for continuing students: May 9, 2021


As part of the 2021–2022 financial aid application, Yale requires copies of 2019 tax returns or, if no tax return was filed, equivalent documentation of 2019 income.

  • If your parents are divorced, separated, or were never married, you must submit copies of both your custodial and noncustodial parents' 2019 tax returns or income documentation.
  • Families with a business or farm must also include the 2019 business or farm tax return(s).

Please note:

Yale believes that both parents have a responsibility to contribute toward their child's college education, even if they are divorced or separated. For this reason, we require financial information for both parents to generate a financial aid award. The Yale financial aid award letter lists one total Parent Share, which a student's parents may determine how best to meet.

We understand that some families may have extenuating circumstances that would require an exception. Students may petition to have their noncustodial parent's financial information waived in such cases by submitting a Noncustodial Parent Waiver Petition form with supporting documentation. Submission of a waiver petition form does n​ot guarantee that the noncustodial parent's requirements will be waived.

Instructions for U.S. citizens and permanent residents: 

  • Use the College Board's IDOC Service to submit signed copies of 2019 federal tax returns, including all schedules and W-2s. For more information about the IDOC service, see IDOC under Financial Aid Terminology or visit the College Board website.
  • Students and parents who submitted an amended 2019 federal tax return must also submit a signed copy of the amended return.
  • Parents and students who did not file a tax return must submit a Tax Nonfiling Statement instead. Please visit our Forms page for the appropriate nonfiling statement.

Please note that parents and students will need to submit updated tax documents in future years.

For aid year Tax return required
2021–2022 2019 tax year
2022–2023 2020 tax year
2023–2024 2021 tax year
2024–2025 2022 tax year

Instructions for international citizens: 

  • Use the College Board's IDOC Service to submit signed copies of 2019 tax returns and/or income documents. For more information about this service, see IDOC under Financial Aid Terminology or visit the College Board website.
  • If the tax returns are in a language other than English, please also provide an English translation of the text. The translation does NOT have to be an official document, and numbers do NOT need to be converted to U.S. currency.
  • Parents who do not file a tax return should submit documentation of their income, such as a letter from their employer.

Student type: 
Prospective students, Early Action, Regular Decision, New students, Continuing students, Eli Whitney students, Transfer students
Student citizenship: 
U.S. citizens, Canadian citizens, International citizens (non-Canadian)